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Lighting design

We offer lighting design service to our clients. Depending on the design aesthetic, we select the required parameters and design lights.
  • Individual consultation
  • Preparation of lighting projects;
  • Calculation of illumination;
  • Provision of visual information;
LEDinis.lt offers excellent cooperation conditions for interior designers and architects. Contact us.  
  • Top 7 Interior Lighting Trends for 2020

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  • Niche lighting

    In this article, we will review the different uses of LED profiles in installations with this type of lighting. Read more
  • Smart LED lighting

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  • Kitchen lighting

    Kitchen and dining room lighting is a combination of general and functional lighting. General lighting can illuminate the entire space, removing shadows and reflections. Stronger lighting is required above working areas (food preparation). The most common solution is to install LED lamps under the kitchen cabinets. Led profiles can be inserted into the fixture or mounted on the cabinet surface. A hanging light is generally positioned above the dining table. Read more
  • Office lighting with LED profiles

    Office lighting must move forward, along with the changes in working conditions. Minimal reflections on screens, along with the required amount of light at the desk, good aesthetics and lighting economy – these are just a few of the features that high-quality office lighting must have. Read more
  • Bathroom lighting

    Vonios kambaryje dažniausiai derinamas bendras ir veidrodžio apšvietimas. Bendram apšvietimui sukurti naudojamos Led panelės arba taškinis apšvietimas. Led panelės gali būti įleidžiamos arba paviršinės. Kur yra galimas kontaktas su vandeniu, patariama naudoti aukštesnės atsparumo klasės šviestuvus- IP65. Veidrodžio apšvietimui naudojami sieniniai arba šviestuvai pagaminti iš led profilio. Read more
  • Tips for outdoor lighting

    Straipsnyje rasite pagrindinius patarimus, kaip apšviesti privataus namo aplinką, padarant ją saugesnę ir gražesnę. Kokybiškas aplinkos apšvietimas ne tik prailgins laiką, kurį galėsite praleisti lauke, bet ir išryškins aplinkos privalumus. Read more
  • Bedroom lighting

    In the bedroom it is advisable to use a general but not strong illumination. Lighting hidden in ceiling niches or behind curtains create a cosy, muted lighting. Also one of the most common solutions is placing lamps on both sides of the bed. These can be lowered, wall-mounted or placed on cabinets. Bedside light brightness depends on whether you read in bed or not. Read more