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Led profiles for handrails

For the illumination of handrails, smaller led profiles are used, which are milled inside. For specially designed illumination of handrails, POR profile is used. This profile is designed for installation in steel, stainless steel or aluminium handrails.

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  • Aluminum profiles, POR anodized, for handrails

    POR anodized, for handrails

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    The purpose of the profiles is:

    This special profile is designed to install on round hollow handrails. Simple installation and aesthetic look. Easy installation and dismantling.


    The profile is affixed to the pipe-shaped handrail with the help of special brackets

    Two different types of brackets allow the profile to be mounted to 42 to 49mm in diameter hollow handrails.

    Additional information:

    It is possible to install in the field by means of a hermetic LED strip.

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