Covered LED profiles

Covered LED profiles are used where minimalist aesthetics are important, so that lighting lighting fixtures are not visible. LED profiles are mounted onto walls or ceilings by plastering visible edges. There is also a choice of covered profiles specifically designed for mounting in a corner where the wall and ceiling or profiles intersect, creating hidden lighting in the wall niche using plaster and paint.

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  • Corridor lighting, Kozel anodised

    Kozel anodised

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    The purpose of the profiles is:

    The profile is designed for mounting on ceilings and walls. The unique design allows you to obtain an ideal, clean, narrow “light line” effect, without any visible aluminum parts.


    Mounted in holes prepared in the wall or ceiling, with the help of installation adhesive.

    The profile “wings” are covered with a layer of putty using a reinforcing mesh.

    Additional information:

    Can be used with TECH22 type mounting frame, which protects the profile inside from paint and putty during preparation.

    Price Price 10.2530.76 su PVM Select options
  • Klus, KOZUS-CR profile

    KOZUS-CR profile

    download specification

    The purpose of the profiles is:

    The profile is designed to create an ideal “light line” at the junction of the ceiling and walls


    Fixed with adhesive in the cavity between the ceiling and walls.

    Additional information:

    Can be mounted vertically and horizontally

    The profile is suitable for installation on one or two G/K panels

    Price Price 7.7023.10 su PVM Select options
  • Recessed LED profiles, KOZMA užglaistomas led profilis viengubam gipso sluoksniui 18040NA

    KOZMA užglaistomas led profilis viengubam gipso sluoksniui 18040NA

    Prekės kodas: 18040NA

       parsisiųsti specifikaciją

    Profilių paskirtis:

    Profilis skirtas montuoti į lubas ar sienas.Unikali konstrukcija leidžia išgauti idealios,švarios siauros „šviesos linijos“ efektą,be jokių matomų aliuminio detalių.


    Montuojamas į paruoštas sienų ar lūbų angas,montažinių klijų pagalba.

    Profilio „sparneliai“ dengiami glaisto sluoksniu naudojant armavimo tinklelį.

    Papildoma informacija:

    Gali būti nauduojamas su TECH22 tipo montažiniu rėmeliu,paruošimo metu saugančiu profilio vidu nuo dažų bei glaisto.

    Price Price 10.4131.22 su PVM Select options
Read more:   Aluminium LED profiles are more popular than ever. This is due to such properties as variety of customisation, functionality and aesthetic beauty. These profiles create linear lighting and can be installed not only in indoor spaces, but also in outdoor areas. LED profiles are installed according to your requirements. At the same time, certain hanging elements and other accessories are used. Special LED strips are also required to create the linear lighting decor.   Special plastic covers are also available with LED profiles. This helps to create a smooth attenuated stream of light. This technology is popular due to its customisation options for any design space. It is noted that customers choose to putty LED profiles.   The covered LED profiles are distinguished from the others primarily as they are installed in a hole made in the plaster, and their edges are plastered. Typically, the internal width of these LED profiles is greater than that of others. This advantage creates the possibility to install up to 3 LED strips in the profile. This is a great choice for larger spaces, where the aim is to use fewer lighting accessories, but there is a need to have more light.   If you have a number of questions and do not know what LED profiles to install in your space, we always offer individual consultations with our experts. Discussions about your individual needs always provide the best solutions for your interior.