Niche lighting

The method of lighting that involves concealing the light source is popular, both in private residential interiors and in public facilities. Lighting in ceilings or other niches is used in various styles of interiors, from minimalist to modern classic designs. In this article, we will review the different uses of LED profiles in installations with this type of lighting.

Creating niches with lighting is one of the main ways to give an interior the desired atmosphere. In this hotel interior, auxiliary walls were constructed with niches mounted with an ALU-45 profile. The LED light accentuates the stone pattern and creates a warm atmosphere. This profile was chosen because of the limited space in the niche, and its angular shape.

Lighting in ceiling niches is often chosen in rooms where there is little to no direct light source, such as in bathrooms. In this bathroom, an ALU-45 LED profile with an airtight LED strip was used. All LED profiles can be made airtight by using the materials created for this purpose, such as silicone.

An extremely popular solution is concealed mirror lighting. In this bathroom, a MICRO-ALU LED profile was installed behind the mirror. It was chosen for its light weight and small size.

The POLI LED profile has been specially designed for lighting small niches. When installing this profile, all you need to do is attach the mounting clips and then insert the profile into them. You can find more detailed installation instructions on the YouTube channel.

The NISA-NI, NISA-KRA, NISA-PLA and NISA-KON systems were developed for lighting architectural ceiling niches.

The NISA-NI and NISA-KRA systems help to create a thin suspended ceiling effect:

The NISA-PLA system is only 7 mm high, so it is designed for installations in extremely narrow niches.

The NISA-KON profile is designed for the spirited lighting of architectural niches located a short distance from the wall, and is directed towards the wall. This profile allows you to choose the most suitable distance of the LED profile from the wall, in order to create the most suitable lighting intensity.

You can find all of the LED profile systems that are specially designed for niches here.