Kozel anodised

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The purpose of the profiles is:

The profile is designed for mounting on ceilings and walls. The unique design allows you to obtain an ideal, clean, narrow “light line” effect, without any visible aluminum parts.


Mounted in holes prepared in the wall or ceiling, with the help of installation adhesive.

The profile “wings” are covered with a layer of putty using a reinforcing mesh.

Additional information:

Can be used with TECH22 type mounting frame, which protects the profile inside from paint and putty during preparation.


10.2530.76 su PVM



The Kozel profile is designed for installation in plaster. It creates a light line effect on walls or ceilings without any visible aluminium profile parts.

Installation instructions:
The profile can be mounted in the gaps in plaster using gypsum glue (GS 20 CECOL) or mounting glue. Before installing the profile, you need to take care of the power cables first. They can be routed to the profile by cutting out a hole in a side cap or aluminum profile. After the glue has set, the profile edges are coated with a dedicated adhesive, affixed plaster mesh, plastered and polished without damaging the profile aluminum surface.
Make sure you have covered the profile during work. When finished, remove the auxiliary protection, fasten the LED strip, insert the power cables and finally cover with a clean cover.

The price is indicated for a 100cm long profile without cover.

Available profile lengths 100cm, 200cm and 300cm.

*if desired, we can put together all components and you simply pick up a fully completed luminaire.

(*additional fee applicable)

Use of profile in the interior: