Children’s room lighting

At least 3 different light sources can be used in the children’s room. For basic lighting, it is advisable to choose lighting fixtures that shine at a wide angle and evenly illuminate the entire room. Such lighting produces less glare and shade, and thus is less damaging to the eye. A luminaire may be fixed above or stationed on a writing desk. This lighting is important for doing their school work. It is also important to provide for wall lighting near children’s beds. Such lighting will be useful when reading, and when the child gets up at night, so as not to have to turn on the main light.

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Read more:   Children are the life of the house, forever occupying the whole place. Constant dynamics and action, which are usually initiated by children with boundless energy (except for homework), fill the house with joy, playful shouts, and often tears. Although it sometimes seems that the little darlings and their toys are everywhere, at home they have their headquarters and that special place is the children's room.   The children’s room can be a space station, beauty salon, operating theatre, sports club, disco, a place to study and experiment, and a learning and recreation space. In the children’s room anything can happen anything, so it is important to ensure that the rapid transformation of the room occurs without much difficulty: safely, quickly and simply. Proper lighting of the children's room is one way to adapt more easily to their needs.   The main lighting of the children’s room is combined with others to meet both the needs of work, rest and play. Kids games happening on the ground should be lit evenly, at a wide angle: for this, LED lamps are suitable. It is important to note that wide lighting angle LED panels, ceiling and suspended children’s lights should not emit too pale or too bright a stream of light, glaring into their eyes. A happy medium is required.   Lighting in the children’s room work area is often combined with natural light, so the best place for a desk is near the window. Children’s suspended or stationary lamps, normally designed to illuminate the table, are designed to provide a flow of not more than 500 lux. It is ideal when the lighting flow is adjustable.   After games and homework, the children’s room turns into a room for sleeping and recreation, thus night lighting is required. Playful children’s wall-mounted LED lights, mounted next to the child’s bed, should have simple controls and not create problems in switching the light on at night. Children afraid of the dark? Looking for ideas for most suitable lighting fixtures for the children’s room at night? Hidden ceiling perimeter lighting with adjustable colour and intensity LED tape is a practical and stylish solution.