TESPO Aluminium anodised

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The purpose of the profiles is:

This mounting profile is designed for mounting the SEPOD profile to the surface. The profile cavity helps to easily hide the power cable connection.


Screwed to the surface.

Connects to the main profile with the SEPOD “click” connectors.

Additional information:

Easy installation.

Easy installation\dismantling during service.


31.8395.48 su PVM



The TESPO mounting profile is designed to hide the wires and screw to the mounting brackets. The TESPO mounting track is mounted with Block springs, which allow connecting to TESPO and SEPOD profiles. They are placed every 70-100cm.

The price is indicated for a 100cm long profile without cover.

Available profile lengths 100cm, 200cm and 300cm.

*if desired, we can put together all components and you simply pick up a fully completed luminaire.

(*additional fee applicable)

Use of profile in the interior: