PDS4-K Aluminium anodised

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The purpose of the profiles is:

The most widely used profile in the kitchen industry. Due to its small dimensions and construction, it fits perfectly onto any surface. Furthermore, it has an ideal “light line” effect, by hiding the dots from light emitting diodes. The profile has a wide range of “wings”, which make it aesthetically pleasing and helps to hide cavity trimming irregularities.


The profile is affixed to the previously prepared cavity.

Additional information:

Due to its small dimensions, it is perfect for all types of furniture panels.


5.1024.49 su PVM



The price is indicated for a 100cm long profile without cover.

Available profile lengths 100cm, 200cm and 300cm.

*if desired, we can put together all components and you simply pick up a fully completed luminaire.

(*additional fee applicable)

Use of profile in the interior: