Opac-30 anodised

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The purpose of the profiles is:

The profile is designed for lighting systems with limited recess depths. It has a simple design and is extremely “thin”. Suitable for G/K panels.


The profile is affixed to the previously prepared cavity and also uses springs.

Additional information:

Wide “wings” perfectly hide cavity cutting unevenness.

Easy, fast installation



6.9220.77 su PVM



The Opac-30 profile is designed for mounting on plaster. The minimum clearance to which the Opac-30 profile can be mounted is 9mm. When installing this profile to the plaster, you can use KMA mounting springs.

Compatible accessories:

– standard covers: HS22 translucent or milky colour, MUN 22 translucent matte.

– optional covers: G-L and G-K series with compatible KOMPENSA end caps.

– OPAC-30 end caps. Colours: light grey or metal.

The price is indicated for a 100cm long profile without cover.

Available profile lengths 100cm, 200cm and 300cm.

*if desired, we can put together all components and you simply pick up a fully completed luminaire.

(*additional fee applicable)

Use of profile in the interior: