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Mirror lighting

If the original inventor of the mirror were alive, many women today would like to thank him. But since he’s not around, they bake pies for their husbands, who hang the mirrors where they are needed. The more – as well as the better and bigger – the more beautiful… and so on and so forth.


However, only good lighting will allow you to use the mirror correctly. Hardly anyone would stare into a mirror for long if they couldn’t see their own reflection. And would it be easy to put on your make-up, or tie your tie, surrounded by twilight shadows? Luminaires give a mirror more power, so you have more comfort, and your home interior is more spacious and cosy. More of everything, but fewer worries.


No matter which room the mirror is placed in – the bedroom, hallway, bathroom, corridor or wardrobe – the installed mirror lights should never blind you or cast a shadow on your face. LED wall luminaires on both sides of the mirror are usually employed for this purpose. Specifically, in the bathroom, LED lighting fixtures with decorative lighting can be installed under the mirror.

It should be noted that all LED wall luminaires have a different light reproduction index. Why does this matter interms of your mirror and you? The closer the index is to a hundred, (i.e., more than 90), the more natural the image in the mirror will look. The greater accuracy, the mirror will tell you who’s the most beautiful in the world 🙂

Subtle and warm mirror lighting will positively affect the room’s entire interior.

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