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Home lighting with LED profiles

Kitchen lighting with LED profiles Recessed or surface-mounted profiles can be used to create the main lighting in the kitchen. Narrow profiles are installed under the kitchen cabinets to help illuminate the work surfaces. The work area should have an illuminance of 500 lux. Micro-k, PDS4-K or angular profiles with a high-coloured Ra COPRO with a 14.4 W strip are commonly used for this purpose.

Bathroom lighting with LED profiles. Both mirror-mounted LED profiles and profiles with direct light are used in the bathroom. If you are looking for an exclusive bathroom design, we have profiles available that can be mounted in floor or on wall tiles.

Ceiling and wall lighting with LED profiles. Home lighting with LED profiles can create a unique interior design. We offer both narrow and surface-mounted, recessed or suspended LED profiles for two or four LED strips. We also have a wide selection of LED profiles suitable for niches or stretch ceilings.

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