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Street lighting

Street lighting is an important factor affecting vehicle traffic and pedestrian safety during darkness. Properly illuminated streets and pedestrian paths increase the safety and comfort of the population. The LED street lights emit more light compared to HPS, which allows you to save money on electricity and guarantees a longer service life by reducing operating costs.

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  Read more:   During the hours of darkness, street lighting directly affects the safety of pedestrians and drivers. During the hours of darkness, citizen safety must be ensured. Well-lit streets and sidewalks help vehicles to see people in advance. Also, the population feels safer and calmer when walking lit streets, and not in the dark where someone may attack them.   Street lighting is regulated by the municipalities of each city. Active residents, especially home owners, can always take additional care for better lighting in their own streets. Street lamps must be installed in agreement with the municipality.   Street lighting will be optimal only when the most suitable lamps are be chosen. Not only municipalities, but also private individuals always want to save money without losing quality. In this case, the most ideal option would be LED street lamps.   High-pressure sodium lamps can not always provide the quality we expect. LED lamps in particular would provide more light in the streets, on the pavements and walk ways. Secondly, these lamps would help to significantly reduce the cost of electricity consumption. LED street lights have a lifespan of more than 40 000 hours.   All street lighting must be important to all of us. Even carefully lit foot paths significantly reduce the number of accidents on the roads. It also helps to combat crime levels. Every resident in his city can then feel safe and calm. Let us look after one another and be careful on the road.