Parking lighting

There are several different types of parking. One is located next to shops and other spaces (airports, warehouses). Others are safe car park areas. In all parking areas, it is important to ensure that drivers are not only comfortable, but also safe.

Parking lighting helps to make good use of these spaces. The main thing in parking spaces is to properly illuminate the outdoor areas. Parking lighting is usually for lighting the floor and installing light column fixtures.

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  Read more:   During the hours of darkness, every driver needs to see well to park their car and then later find it easily. In the safe car parks, the guards must see all the cars clearly. However, in this case, the light in this space should not be bright. Potential thieves should not be able to clearly distinguish all the cars parked there.   The safety of parking areas also depends on security cameras and proper lighting. Parking lighting is used during the night and for dawn’s dark hours. Many parking space owners want to save electricity, and thus choose LED lighting fixtures. In these spaces we can see LED light columns, the use of which can be conveniently adjusted remotely. You can choose when and how many columns to you wish connect.   Special street lamps are also chosen for at parking lots. These LED lights are certified and can provide illumination for more than 40 000 hours. When wanting set up a more interesting exterior, you can choose not only white, but also other coloured lighting fixtures (for example, for lighting the floor). Led lamps are a great way to get exceptional quality at a low price.