Wide architectural profiles

Wide architectural profiles are designed for bright lighting. Up to four strips can be affixed. These profiles can be recessed, mounted on the ceiling surface or suspended. These LED profiles are often used in offices or other public spaces with higher ceilings or where stronger lighting is needed, for example, above work tables.

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Read more:   When we talk about public spaces and their installation, we always want only the best solutions. In offices, warehouses and other commercial premises, the first thing is to devise an appropriate plan for lighting the premises and then deal with the other tasks. In areas where attention is required for employee work quality, only innovative lighting elements need to be installed.   Wide architectural profiles are one of the most optimal solutions for high-quality lighting of commercial premises. These interior elements offer a wide array of design options, so this is the best choice for the owner of each and every commercial premises.   The wide architectural profiles are distinguished from others by the fact that they are mainly designed for bright lighting. They are perfect for spaces with high ceilings (for warehouses, offices, shops, hotels...). Even up to four LED strips can be installed on these LED profiles. This gives a pronounced lighting effect. Brighter lighting is often required above certain production lines, or above the desks in offices.   Wide architectural profiles are the most popular product when looking to reduce costs. LED strips for commercial premises allow owners to enjoy bright lighting. Special LED technology uses less electricity, is environmentally friendly and durable. Wide LED architectural profiles can be purchased in different lengths: 100 cm, 200 cm or 300 cm.   Don’t be afraid to experiment and consult with experienced lighting experts. Only properly prepared electrical plans and close cooperation create the most beautiful ideas for every space.