Profiles with a place for the power supply

When the ceiling is not lowered, and there is no room to hide the power supply, thicker and higher profiles are used, inside which there is a possibility to hide the power supply. These profiles can be mounted on the ceiling, walls or be suspended. For the aesthetic concealment of the power supply, two sizes of closed profiles are created, to which the light is attached.

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Read more:   Various aluminum profiles are now becoming the most popular product in the whole lighting parts market. Every modern person wants a new and interesting design in the house and other spaces. Additionally, everyone also aims at reducing electricity bills.   Aluminum profiles, in which special LED strips are mounted, offer completely different interior effects. Profiles with a place for the power supply are the product most in demand when the owner does not want to install a standard mounted lowered ceiling everywhere in their home. In such ceilings there is no place where you can effectively hide the power supply, so you need to look for other solutions. Profiles with a place for power supply have higher and thicker dimensions than normal. Such profiles can be installed not only on the ceiling, but also on the walls. They can also be suspended. In order not to lose the aesthetics of the interior design, these profiles have a closed place, to which you can attach the light and thus hide the socket.   Profiles with a place for power supply are one of the best solutions for everyone who wants flexible customisation options. Depending on the intensity of the light you want, you can choose LED strips of different voltage. The power supply can also be customised as required. Different power sources give you the ability to install different types of lighting.   Non-standard lighting solutions can become a real challenge only for those who haven’t prepared a lighting installation plan. But with the help of good professionals, any problem can be solved very quickly. Feel free to speak to us and receive valuable tips.