Opac-30 Mounting profile Anodized

Dimensions: 100cm x 0.2cm x 0.95cm (Length x Width x Height)
Model: PROFB6164ANO





OPAC-30 profile is used to build flat fixtures with large shielding collars.Designed for mounting in slots made in dry-wall, flush with its surface and not exceeding their thickness. The smallest depth of the mounting slots for OPAC-30 is 9 mm. In dry-wall ceilings, the profile can be mounted using KMA mounting springs.The profile can fit two 10mm-wide LED strips or one LED strip with a width of more than 10 mm but not greater than 21 mm. Matching accessories: – standard covers: HS22 frosted or transparent, MUN 22 transparent matte. – optional covers: G-L and G-K series with matching KOMPENSA end caps – OPAC-30 end caps – colored: light grey or metallic.