Test-36 Mounting profile Anodized

Dimensions: 100cm x 3.38cm x 0.36cm (Length x Width x Height)
Model: PROFB6639ANO





TEST-36 profile is a low (3,6 mm) mounting strip for STOS profile. After TEST-36 and STOS profiles have been mounted, we obtain a low internal groove in which a 2 mm Fi cable can be routed. STOS profile is attached to TEST-36 strip with TEKNIK clips, arranged in pairs. The pairs of the clips should be applied every 20 cm.TEST-36 has its own end cap, which nicely complements the shape of STOS end cap. Mounting instructionsTEST-36 strip is mounted using suitable screws. The location of the drilling of holes for screws is marked by the groove inside the profile.The mounting surface for TEST-36 should be even. If there is some major roughness of the surface, mounting screws should be located in the places of profile-surface adhesion (bumps).