TESPO Mounting profile

Dimensions: 100cm x 7.2cm x 1.8cm ( Lenght x Width x Height)
Model: PROFB6594





“SZER” extrusions are designed to build LED fixtures of significant light output. TESPO KPL. – mounting track for SEPOD extrusions that can conceal power cables and connections. TESPO KPL. facilitates the building of suspended or surface mounted lighting fixtures. The moutning track is fixed to surface using suitable screws. To connect a SEPOD extrusion with the TESPO KPL. mounting track use a suitable system of fasteners and BLOK springs (included) that offer an easy snap connection. Due to the proper connection of both profiles the fixture is protected against ‘self-decoupling’, but at the same time preserves the ability to be disassembled, e.g. for maintenance. Use BLOK springs in the mounting profiles in pairs every 70 to 100cm. End caps for the TESPO KPL. mounting track are only available in a metallized, light-tight finish which resembles the color and surface of aluminum. End caps are sold in sets with matching screws.