Dimensions: 100cm x 1.6cm x 1.2cm ( Lenght x Width x Height)
Model: PROFB468+43





It should be mainly used to illuminate the interiors of e.g. cupboards, stairs, shop windows, etc.
In the sealed version, it can be used to illuminate the external architectural elements, e.g. facades of buildings, gardens. Additional advantages are: easy installation, low weight and good heat dissipation. A suitable angle of illumination is achieved thanks to the use of an S-type lens cap and regulation performed by inserting a pad into the corresponding notches inside the profile. If the two above conditions are served, you will obtain the following lighting angles: 10O (without the pad) and 30O, 60O or 90O (depending on how the pad is set)*. Mount the profile to the substrate using double-sided adhesive tape or mounting brackets, which ensures easy and secure installation on surfaces that are not necessarily perfectly flat.
When mounting in drywall, fix the profile using special PDS surface springs (REF. 00800).
You can find all mounting and power supply elements for profiles on our website in the Accessories section.

When using closely spaced LEDs and a frosted HS cover (min. 140LED/m) or LIGER cover (min. 120LED/m), you can obtain a single line of light. For these versions, use PDS4-ALU end caps. *Light beams in the described angles do not have sharp edges. The degree values provided above determine the core part of the light beam.