Tan-C5 profile Anodized

Dimensions: 100cm x 1.12cm x 1.12cm (Length x Width x Height)
Model: PROFB5391ANO





TAN-C5 profile is the economical equivalent of a standard 45-ALU profile. Profile length is 1000 mm, 2000 mm. For this profile we recommend 45-STM mounting bracket. It is made of high quality stainless steel. Furthermore it is offered at an affordable price.

The cover* designed for TAN-C5 profile, length 1000 mm (+ – 3 mm), is mounted by the “click” or slid into the profile from the side. Its surface has a soft satin structure, virtually maintaining transparency. You can use covers in two separate sections for the profile of more than 1000 mm, connecting their ends by ‘butting’ them. The installation and removal of the covers is shown in a video tutorial.

The profile can be equipped with end caps in the economical version, white and without holes for a cable. Inserted end caps on both ends of the profile take 16 mm of the cover.

TAN-C5 profiles are sold with unattached covers.

*For professional solutions for heavy loads, exposed to UV radiation or requiring sealing, we recommend the line of KLUŚ standard profiles with covers made of polycarbonate.