Dimensions: 100mm x 45.6mm x 26.7mm ( Lenght x Width x Height)
Model: PROFB18015





LOC-30, with its longer side mounted to e.g. the lower rims of cupboards, directs the beam of light down at the angle of 30 degrees, illuminating the surface of the kitchen countertop.LOC-30 profile consists of the set of two profiles: LIPAC-30 mounting profile and OPAC-30 – profile/fixture for LED.LIPAC-30 mounting profile is mounted with the use of screws. Holes for these screws should be drilled in the place which is marked by the lines embossed on the mounting profile. It is enough to screw the profile to the surface using one of the chosen sides. If you mount it using the longer side, you need to choose such screws and holes that the heads of the screws do not collide with OPAC-30 profile/fixture.For example, screws should have countersunk heads with a diameter of not more than 5mm. And the hole should not exceed 3mm in its diameter.To OPAC-30 profile/fixture you can mount two 10mm wide LED strips or one LED strip of a width exceeding 10 mm but not greater than 21 mm. The profile is mounted to the mounting strip with the use of TEKNIK clips.Spaces created between the mounting baseboard and the profile/fixture can be used to carry power cables. In order to build the basic fixture using LOC-30 profiles you need:- LIPAC-30 mounting profile- OPAC-30 profile/fixture- TEKNIK clips – min 4pieces/mb – left and right end caps- frosted and transparent HS 22 covers and other covers of the same cross-sectional dimension- screws with heads that enable the mounting of the fixture to the mounting baseboard.