Dimensions: 100cm x 8.1cm x 0.6cm ( Lenght x Width x Height)
Model: PROFB4845





STEP profile protects the edges of steps made ​of concrete, stone, wood, with carpeting. It is equipped with two different kinds of lights: warning ligths and step illumination lights.The profile can be used in the following versions:- without lights- with warning lights – light can be seen from above (side emmitting diodes)- with step illumination lights – light directed down (LED strip, max.10.8mm)- with both lights at the same time The upper part of the profile is equipped with two anti-slip cords (sold with extrusion as an integral part of the set). The profile is attached to the step using suitable screws which, in turn, are masked with an anti-slip cord. The other cord makes a light-transmissive cover for the LED strip. You can use a specific tool to fit the anti-slip cord. STEP profile has two dedicated end caps (right and left). They can be fitted after the profile has been attached to the step, and they can be additionally fixed using screws.
To mount the profile at a right-convex angle you should apply the STEP-90 CORNER COVER. It provides a safe finish, leveling the sharp corner.
You can also attach STEP profiles to platforms and steps forming different angles, but that requires ‘miter’ trimming of the ends of the profile. The profile without lighting can be used outside too, but if it contains LEDs, it must be made in a waterproof version.
The construction of the profile can bear loads normally occurring during the use of stairs.