Dimensions: 100cm x 5cm x 5.2cm ( Lenght x Width x Height)
Model: PROFB18010





The NIBO KPL. Profile consists of two profiles: the NIBO which is its body and the ZBox which locks the extrusion. The ZBox is easily assembled to the NIBO on a click.

The components of the Power Box are end caps. They do not only have an esthetic finishing but also cooling functions and of the main body together with its closing element. If there is any need to use a substantially long body and a lid, beside end caps it is necessary to secure the whole construction with additional circular rods 4 mm in diameter.


NIBO KPL. works as an esthetic case of power supplies and an electrical connection 220V for KLUS light fixtures. It can be mounted to a ceiling, walls and other surfaces. NIBO KPL. can be fixed to KLUS light fixtures on wires, rodes or directly to its construction. All above functions are also fulfilled when our product works as a self-standing unit.

NIBO KPL. enables to form finished LED light fixtures, with a wide range of dimensions and compositions, together with the power supply, the electrical connection 220V and a fastener. The fastener can be used to suspend lamps on a required height, wall/ceiling sconces or to fix self-standing units.

Both the fastener for drywall ceiling and DP system of fasteners allow to install KLUS light fixtures together with NIBO KPL. mounted on wires and rodes. The construction of fasteners apart from its mounting functions as the voltage transfer 12V and 24V. The NIBO KPL. construction is expected to provide a comfortable installation of finished fixtures.

Both the construction and mounting activities are presented in and instructional film and photos.

The length of the NIBO KPL. is related to a dimension of the power supply, the electrical connection and a distance between mounting components and fasteners of light fixtures. We require to install mounting components and fixtures of the NIBO in the maximum dimension of 25 mm from the end of the profile that are its end caps. In other circumstances, especially when the fixtures are heavier it is recommended to use above mentioned rods which prevent the NIBO KPL. from opening.

The screws that mount the NIBO KPL. to the ground can be fixed either from the NIBO or the ZProfile.